Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage aims to reach the deeper layers of soft tissue and fascia and can help the release of chronic tension and pain. The treatment is often performed hands-free, allowing your practitioner to target problem areas using their elbows, forearms and knuckles.

Distinct from other treatment forms, a deep tissue massage is typically slow, strong and targeted. Despite the common misconception, it does not need to hurt to help but should feel comfortably within your personal zone of tolerance. In fact, clients often report a profound sense of wellbeing after a treatment.

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Holistic Massage

Going beyond the purely clinical, outcome-based approach of other treatment types, a Holistic Massage seeks to address discomfort by rebalancing the whole person. A holistic treatment aims to recalibrate both the physiological and emotional root causes of discomfort in the body rather than ‘fixing’ the symptom directly.

For the practitioner, a holistic treatment not only means seeing and treating the whole of the person, but also perhaps bringing the totality their own experience to the treatment.  It offers both practitioner and client the opportunity to discover the story within the tissue and to integrate body, mind and spirit.

It is ideal for the person looking to work deeper and it can offer relief from, amongst others, non-specific pain and tension, stress, anxiety, depression or sleep disorders and can be a powerful resource for clients curious about the mind-body connection.

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Myofascial Release

Connective tissue or fascia surrounds and connects all the structures in the body, from the largest organs to the smallest vessels and bones. It has unique viscoelastic properties and is richly innervated with neuroreceptors, making it one of the most important (and overlooked) sensory organs in the body.

Fascia can become stuck and restricted after physical or emotional trauma and injury, restricting muscle function and movement. Therefore, treating the fascia can often be the missing link in resolving chronic pain that has not historically responded to other forms of massage.

Uniquely distinct from other forms of bodywork, myofascial release uses sustained gentle stretches and very slow, intuitive strokes using no lubricant to help connective tissue return to its healthy viscosity and flexibility, thereby allowing muscles to naturally relax and optimum range of movement to return to the body.

Clients often report a deep sense of wellbeing resulting from the deep ‘melting’ sensation so typical of this beautiful work. Using both direct, structural release and indirect fascial release, this treatment can be incorporated into a deep tissue massage or booked as a series of standalone treatments to aid pain management, postural alignment, circulation issues or sports-related recovery.

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Swedish Massage

The oldest and most established form of massage in the West, Swedish Massage is perfect for those looking for that ultimate relaxing treatment. Employing specific techniques such as Effleurage (light, sweeping strokes), Petrissage (kneading and stretching), Tappotement (tapping), friction and rocking; the treatment follows a well-established routine that helps to release tension, flexibility and blood flow in the superficial layers of soft tissue.

Great as a post-workout treatment, as part of your regular maintenance or to aid relaxation, this treatment can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences in pressure or areas of focus. Particularly suited if you are new to massage or for those who find Deep Tissue treatments too challenging.

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All treatments are £65.00 for 60 minutes/ £90.00 for 90 minutes